One of the most important aspects of any online casino is making sure that the banking system is legitimate and prioritizes ease-of-use for the consumer. This is precisely the case with 7Spins Casino, whose inviting verdant hues are as welcoming in the banking department as they are in the gaming section.

All this to introduce you to the range of deposit and withdrawal choices they present. The most popular credit card companies in the world are, of course, viable options here. With VISA, the minimum deposit option is $10, and it takes no time at all for your funds to go through so that you can start gaming on your favorite slots in no time flat. MASTERCARD is also an accepted form of deposit at 7Spins Casino, along with Maestro (a less popular option worldwide, but perfectly acceptable here) and the American Express card.

You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin by now - given the way its value has risen dramatically in the past few years. It is also known by the more general term “cryptocurrency,” and is accepted at 7Spins Casino. The major benefit of trafficking in Bitcoin is that there are no transaction fees, since it is not a centralized form of currency controlled by big payment providers. As such, it literally costs nothing to send and to receive it. To encourage the use of Bitcoin, many casinos employ promotional strategies that place more currency in your pockets for free just for using Bitcoin.

When it comes to withdrawing money, you have several options at your disposal. If you’re used to using bank cheque, then there is a $20 surcharge for using this method. Additionally, your funds will be available after a week, and there’s a limit on how much you can take out at a time if you win. It’s $300 via cheque.

Somewhat similar to the cheque method is the eCheck. The lowest amount you can extract with this is $100, and you’re charged $10 for this withdrawal for any amount taken out between $100 and $1000. If you’ve got more than $1000 you wish to withdraw, then the fee amount is $20. The transit time is 3-5 days before the transaction by eCheck is completed.

Bank transfer is allowed at 7Spins Casino, and has one of the highest minimum withdrawal requirements of all the payment forms. You cannot take out less than $500; and, it will cost you $23 to do so. The transit time is 5 days. Of course, as there are membership tiers at 7Spins Casino, the amounts for withdrawals and deposits vary with level as such:
  • Basic - $500 maximum withdrawal limit per week
  • Silver - $1000 max withdrawal limit every week
  • Gold - $5000 maximum withdrawal limit
  • Platinum - $7000 max per week
  • Titanium - $10,000 max withdrawal limit weekly
  • Master - Varies with online casino gamer; you can get a specialized limit agreement with the casino on withdrawals!
Some of the other payment providers include ecoPayz - you have enough options at 7Spins Casino to start gaming today.