Once you get the Bonuses that are owed to you for signing up and making a deposit at 7 Spins Casino, you’ll then be eligible to take advantage of the many Promotions. They run all through the week, and various opportunities to make guaranteed cash - just for playing - present themselves. For example:
  • Monday release some of the goods that will continue on through the week. Any deposit in the range $100-$199 gets you a 150% Bonus from the casino House. Deposits that span $200-$499 will see a nice 200% increase.
  • Tuesdays at 7 Spins Casino, similar Bonuses are awarded to players who’ve downloaded the casino software and are playing for real money. In addition to the Monday deposit compensation ranges, there’s also the 250% Bonus available for deposits of $500-$999, and a whopping 300% Bonus for deposits greater than $1,000.
  • Wednesdays are wonderful at 7 Spins! The Promotions extend into the middle of the week, with a 200% and 250% Bonus for the same range of deposits available on Tuesday and Monday.
  • Thursday is here and she brings gifts! The same Bonuses are repeated, giving you a chance to collect even as the week draws to a close. Just sign up to claim your offer.
  • Full House Friday is the last day of the weekday - and we bet you’ve just been itching to get your hands on your mobile phone for an extended period of uninterrupted play. Every single Bonus that was available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is also available right before the weekend. Make a deposit of your choice and benefit from the Promotion.
  • The weekend is here! Both Super Saturday and Super Sunday round out the week nicely with Promotions that make sure you don’t miss out on the weekday cash everyone else has been getting. Whether you deposit just $100, or go for the gold with $1000, you’ll be rewarded with huge percentages that help you keep playing.

In addition to the daily cash Bonuses, there are exclusive Promotions that target Table Game players. The prizes vary, so it’s best to check the 7 Spins Casino website to see what’s in store that particular weekend.

If you ever become a VIP, then the Promotions skyrocket like the Saturn V Rocket. You’re eligible to participate in the $200,000 Clash of the Titans event in the 7 Spins Tournament section.

Although there are many other Promotions available at this online gaming casino, we’ll close this with the fantastic Bitcoin Bonus. If you make your deposit in the famous cryptocurrency, then you receive a 400% Bonus over the first three deposits you make. It’s something to consider, for sure! Join the gamers at 7 Spins Casino by downloading the software and signing up for an account.